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On Your Team, Not Your Payroll

So what does this mean to you?

Are you an Investment Advisor, Wealth Manager,

P&C Broker, or CPA?

If so, maybe you should be talking to us!

Whether you are a Wealth Manager looking for someone to service and administrate the policy in post-sale or you need an in-house solution that goes from pre-sale to delivery and whatever comes after!

We expand your profile and footprint by giving your firm the acumen and personnel to elevate your service offering, increase retention, and even add new revenue streams! 

The best part, we represent your business as a seamless part of your office! You get all of the advantages of a fully staffed team without the burden of additional staffing and payroll. 

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Creating a new space in an old paradigm

Are your clients getting the White Glove and Concierge Service of a fully staffed Life Insurance Brokerage General Agency? 


Does your office have the product knowledge, underwriting acumen, and staff needed to offer Life Insurance products with fiduciary guidance and the highest levels of service? 

Are you able to offer clients the kind of service that retains relationships and builds your book of business?

Perhaps your office does not offer Life Insurance products for these very reasons!

Historically, the value chain within the Life Insurance Industry consisted of:

This model may not suit you or enable you to really meet your clients' needs in efficiency, product acumen, and the kind of service that transcends the transactional nature of your business, exponentially increasing retention.  

Equitas is creating a new space within the industry, turning it on its head with an emphasis on service and actually helping clients, not trying to sell them something!

When you partner with us, we present ourselves as part of your organization, increasing your brand and expanding your sales and/or operational staff without the burden of employing a team full time to offer these expanded services.


We are here to tell you that you can offer Life Insurance products, a vehicle that increases client retention, strengthens customer interaction, and creates an additional revenue stream for your office.


We provide you with a Back Office Administration, Life Insurance Sales / Advanced Case Design, Underwriting, Case Management, as well as ongoing servicing; enabling you to become an irreplaceable asset to your clients.


We offer a stable of top-rated carriers, our aim to make sure your clients have access to the best value and an array of products while providing you with the stellar service, making you look great!


We are here to handle your client's Life Insurance needs from start to finish and continue to service them on your behalf going forward. This creates the stickiness that binds your clients to you and builds brand loyalty.

Yes! You have a brand, and we are here to enhance it, helping you cast a larger shadow and deliver an expanded portfolio of products at a much higher level of service.

We are the Ace up your sleeve!






Knowledge / Service Gap


Are you an Investment Advisor or Wealth Manager?

Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers that are adept in presenting financial solutions to their clients and have a good understanding of Life Insurance products and advanced case design, utilize us to provide clients with outstanding service and a great customer experience. These partners take advantage of our concierge service wherein it directly relates to administration, servicing, requirements, and documentation. If you have a specific GA that you work with or need to go through your Broker Dealer, we are fine working within those confines. Our job is to escort the case through underwriting and case management with the carriers and generally making sure that all goes smoothly with application, requirements, and delivery, so your client has the most professional and pleasant experience possible. 

Our backend solution helps get your cases closed efficiently and quickly, letting you focus on the bigger picture! 

Are you a P&C Broker or Agency Owner?

Adding Life Insurance products to your P&C Agency's portfolio of services can be a vehicle to increased retention and client satisfaction, as well as adding a new revenue stream. P&C Insurance can be highly transactional, predominantly based on price, leaving little room for customer loyalty. However, Life Insurance enables your agency to offer a consultative service from a financial professional that has both product and planning acumen.

Our In-House/Outsourced platform for P&C Agencies allows you to offer a valuable consultative service to your clients, while building your brand and increasing your footprint in the marketplace. 

At Equitas Brokerage we know that an increase in your Life Insurance business leads to an increase in overall business and retention. After a decade of helping P&C Agencies provide these services to their clients, we know that businesses succeed when everyone does what they do best!


Are you a CPA              
or Accountant

Protecting client finances is in our DNA. If you had to build a team devoted to protecting a business client's exposure to risk, you would have a Wealth Manager, a P&C Broker, a Life Insurance Broker, and a CPA!

As a CPA, you are a vital part of the glue which holds this team together. Your client looks to you for not only professional, innovative, and creative management of their finances and tax returns, but also as a link to professionals that compliment and augment the services you offer.

In particular, our knowledge of Estate and Advanced Planning products, as well as innovative programs for high net-worth clients such as Premium Finance, enable us to help you provide a cohesive and all-encompassing strategy. These services and knowledge are invaluable to your business clients in particular.

What sets us
apart from the crowd

In an era of increased automation in the industry, we see the client getting the short end of the stick and we are reshaping the Life Insurance paradigm as a technology and service disrupter. While the industry gravitated to automation to lower costs, obviously, this cannot be done with more sophisticated products or cases that have special underwriting needs. 

The fact is, even for the simplest of cases, automated platforms deprive clients of product acumen, underwriting expertise, and thee help of an experienced insurance professional to walk them through what can become a opaque process.

Whether it is the added value of service and back-office logistics that assist Wealth Managers, or it is offering an In-House/Outsourced comprehensive Life Insurance team for your P&C Agency or Accounting firm, we bring a value unsurpassed. 

We take a fiduciary approach to everything we do, from the smallest term case to a large Premium Finance case! This means we approach clients as advisors, not salespeople! 


Equitas Advisors LLC.

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Phone: (732)-898-3288 
Florida: (954)-778-1004 
Fax: (732)-898-3266

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