LGA APP Assist

Tele-App from LGA 

Use - but with Caution

LGA’s Tele-application program, AppAssist, improves and streamlines the life application process for advisors and customers. Brokers drop a simple ticket via the portal, and AppAssist takes over the administrative burden of application fulfillment and case management.


This gives you more time for marketing, finding new clients and matching their needs with the right amount of coverage, while still servicing your client for even the smallest of policies. 


However, if the client is not prepped carefully - The whole thing can lead to a bad customer experience for the insured.

That is why WE STEP IN! Automated processes only work as well as the foundation that you lay. 


In many cases the Policy may be issued without a Paramedical exam or Physicians Records if the client meets optimal health standards without past history. LGA reserves the right to request a Paramedical exam should they see fit... 

App Assist available for face amounts up to $1,000,000 

What is Appcelerate Underwriting

Appcelerated Underwriting is part of the LGA APP Assist Platform which allows some clients to receive express approval with no APS's.

However, this can be tricky - The client really needs to be prepped or the whole thing can blow up.  

APP Assist is a tool, we simply know how and when to use it.