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Drip Marketing - All you have to do is... Nothing!

At Equitas we know that an effective Drip Marketing Campaign means touching your client every opportunity you have. A big part of any Drip Campaign is passive marketing. Passive Marketing is basically a means of letting your clients know what you offer without directly engaging them. Simply letting them know “I am here and this is what I’ve got”.

The reason that this is so important and effective is because it is impossible to know what your client may want and exactly when they may want it.


By passively putting information out there each time you send a renewal, quote, or any correspondence you are essentially going to hit a percentage of clients who are looking for that very thing at that specific time.


How many times have you heard a client say “I didn’t know you did that!” This means they just took their business somewhere else simply because they did not know you offered that particular Market or Service!


Touching your client at every opportunity is an essential element of your campaign that is meant to augment your on-line presence.  

Great Client & Agency Videos

How About Your Own Agency Video

There is no better way to tell a story than with Video...

Tell your Agency's story through video!


This also a great way to explain products, underwriting, and so much more....!



Whether a Branded Agency Video or a Product Video or even a short  White Board video about a specific objective...


Combine this with the webEquity Managed Marketing Platform, and we can be in front of your clients on Facebook, Linkedin and via email talking to them about what's most important!

Agency Life Raters and Banners

Get Your Own Life Rater

Nothing is more effective in letting your clients know that your agency can handle their Life Insurance needs like letting them have access to a Life Insurance Rater!

This will also demystify Life Insurance pricing and let your clients know that you are able to quote them almost every carrier and you are able to find the best value for them!


Give them access to the Rater and Information and watch them begin to approach you for solutions they might have looked elsewhere for!

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Customizable Marketing Material