Boutique, Niche, and Tailormade for you!

At Equitas Brokerage Group, we strategically  develop Life Business for Non-Conventional Markets, including P&C Brokers, CPA's/Accounting Firms, Investment Advisors/Wealth Managers.


We are a Boutique Life Brokerage, that offers our partners a White Glove, Concierge Service not normally found in this industry. We are a disrupter in the market filling a niche that is primarily not serviced to this extent.  

We do this by combining our insurance knowledge and access to leading carriers with an "end to end" service platform not found in the insurance industry.

For The P&C Agency or CPA, we are your In-House Life Dept. enabling you to focus on your core business.


For an experienced Investment Advisor or Wealth Manager, we are a great strategic partner for case design, underwriting, processing, and customer service. Our team does everything from application, to requirements, to delivery. We also bring our underwriting staff to bear, ensuring that your case passes through carrier underwriting as smoothly as possible. 

We even send your clients birthday cards on your behalf to keep you in favor and, first and foremost on their mind when thinking of a Financial Professional.


A grandfather's lesson is our ethos

I learned a valuable lesson from my grandfather. He came to this country with his wife, two children, and $20 in his pocket. Eventually, he went on to realize his piece of the American Dream by owning his own business. 
He wasn't a captain of industry or master of the universe,  as a matter of fact, he only completed the 5th grade when his father sent him out to help support the family. However, he taught me the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in business!
My grandfather would say to me as I worked in his store on the weekends, "Remember, first, you make your customers... then and only then can you start to think about money! Give your customers the right service and they will stay with you forever!" 

My grandfather lived by these words, and they enabled him to raise a family in dignity and manage his business for over 35 years!

Maybe you have been waiting for the right partner! Maybe you have been waiting for someone who understands that your clients are priority #1, whether it is $15 or $15,000 a month in premium!

Maybe you need someone ...

On Your Team, Not Your Payroll

Michael D. Gottdank, Brokerage Director

Life Team 

At Equitas Brokerage we know that in order to increase your Life business, we need to increase your value to clients leading to an overall increase in business. We know that providing Life Insurance products needs to be a source of added value for you and your business! 

We have been working with P&C Brokers, CPA's, Investment Advisors, and Wealth Managers for nearly a decade, providing the level of service we know creates a stronger connection between you and your client base.


Because we specialize in Estate and Advanced Planning products, we are able to help your business reach another level with your clients. Whether this means streamlining your backend as a Wealth Manager so you can focus on what you do best, creating wealth for your clients or helping CPA's offer innovative Estate Planning and Corporate Compensation Solutions. 


For P&C Brokers we are clearly a vehicle helping agencies increase retention by adding an invaluable service to their portfolio. We are able to do this by utilizing a staff well versed in product knowledge, underwriting, and case management; all at the highest levels of service. 

rowers 1_edited.jpg

into Life!

We are here to back you up! Moreover, the service we can assist you in providing to your clients is an invaluable one they will thank you for. 
Take the Leap and increase retention while developing a new revenue stream.


What our partners say about us

Rebecca Houston

Thumbs up.png

Agency Manager  

Toms River, New Jersey

"Equitas, is like my built-in life insurance division, they helped us expand our product portfolio without increasing our costs or liability. Most importantly, Equitas adds value to our agency and treats our clients like gold! There is only upside for us, it's just another opportunity to service our clients and have them feel like they got the full attention they deserve!"  


The Equitas Brokerage Group Team

Lisa Bali
Lisa Bali.jpg

Lisa is the oil that makes the machine run smoothly – From application inception to completion, Lisa makes the insurance process seem effortless for both Financial Professionals and the clients she assists.
Lisa’s Job is to see the process through from beginning to end as seamlessly as possible. Lisa’s background is in Banking, Insurance and Customer Service. Lisa has worked for companies such as Clal Insurance. Lisa is a world traveler, having lived in Japan for several years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia. Lisa is Fluent in Hebrew, English, and Japanese. 

Lead Case Manager

Michael Gottdank
Michael Gottdank.jpg

For over 10 years Brokers and Clients alike have been turning to Michael Gottdank for his knowledge and guidance. Michael is a visionary and trailblazer who set out to change the world of insurance brokerage and he hasn’t looked back since.
Michael is the founder, and brokerage director of the Equitas Group. With a Marketing and Technology background, Michael Gottdank is bringing Life Insurance to the foreground for professionals who's core business may not be Life Insurance .
Michael lived overseas for many years in Europe as an expat for several fortune 500 companies where he oversaw business development in the EMEA regions. Michael is fluent in French, Dutch, Hebrew, and English.  

Brokerage Director

Cassandra Reilly

Cassandra is the newest addition to our team and heads broker and B2B engagement. Cass is a graduate of Bucks County College with a degree in Fine Arts and Digital Photography. Cassandra brings to the table several talents and she spearheads our Marketing, contributes to company growth .  


Business Development Manager

Jennifer LaDell
Jenn LaDell.jpg

With both Carrier Underwriting, agency and MGA experience Jennifer is the source when it comes to our carrier underwriting partners.
Jennifer is one of the things that makes Equitas Brokerage Group stand out from other General Agencies, Jennifer takes the guesswork out of quoting complicated cases, which leads to better client interaction and satisfaction. More importantly, Jennifer is available to our brokers 'round the clock like the rest of the Equitas team.


Internal Underwriter

Agnes Grenci
Agnes Grenci.jpg

Agnes comes with a background in software engineering and brings a wealth of efficiency and productivity in all she takes part in. Agnes is developing skill sets within not only web development but also the insurance industry in general. Agnes is a vital part of the day to day operations and works closely with the team members to add value to the Equitas affiliated professionals and agencies. 
Agnes was with CA Technologies for over 20 years as a lead software and QA team lead. 

Broker Support

Monica Laurie, JD
M Laurie.jpg

With a J.D. Seton Hall University School of Law Monica heads up compliance and legal at Equitas and is a part of day-to-day operations. 

Monica background in finance comes from her time at ABN Amaro Bank B.V. Where she served as legal counsel. Monica is fluent in English, French, and Dutch. Monica is also responsible for Carrier and Broker reconciliation as well as licensing.  




Operations and Commissions