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Working With a Truly Full Service Partner

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Do you need sales support?

Are you a P&C Broker or CPA?

Do you need everything from pre-sale to delivery?

A source for Illustrations & Case Design?

Someone to do a needs analysis with your client?

Someone to walk clients through various products to find value?

Someone to explain the underwriting process to your client?

Make sure expectations are managed?

We always under promise and over deliver!

No, I can handle the sales, that's what I do best! I need back-office support! 

Are you a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager?

We take the application from your client and send for signatures!

We order exam and prep clients for best results!

We get all the medical and REQs needed in an expedited fashion!

We fulfil outstanding REQs that may slow down case delivery!

Our in-house underwriters work for the best possible outcome and get results!

We stay in constant contact with the client until delivery! 

We continue to service the client post-delivery, including birthday cards on your behalf!

Done Deal
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Compensation, what model fits you?

Consulting fee...

From the carrier...

Business can go through our brokerage...

Business can go through your IMO, MGA, or Broker Dealer...

Depending on your needs we can find a model that works for you!


Our cases do not "die on the vine", we are looking for the right partners who understand the value of a cooperative relationship with us!

What are the benefits of working with us?

In-House/Outsourced professional help where and how you need it without the expense and overhead of permanent staff!

No matter what the level of integration, with sales support or just an administrative model, we make you look great! 

Your cases close faster as a result of our administrative support, this means you get paid faster!

We speak fluent "Estate Planning", our experience with Estate Planning Attorneys means we know what their needs are when designing your clients' Estate or Succession plan. We not only understand their needs, but we can anticipate requirements and support their efforts. 

The services we offer allow you to increase client retention, develop new revenue streams, and help you brand yourself in multiple disciplines! 

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