Long Term Disability Income

Overview & Policy Types

LTDI Overview

Long Term Disability Income Insurance provides policyholders with coverage that can replace a portion of their income if they become too sick or disabled to return to the work or their business. Long Term Disability coverage is arguably just as important as life Insurance.


Realistically, no working-age individual should be without disability coverage. In fact, at any given time, one has a greater chance of becoming disabled than of dying.


Disability Income Plans provide income replacement and benefits continuation if one is unable to work for a period of time. This means that your clients and their families can maintain their standard of living.


Use our Disability Income Calculator below to show your client how to protect their income.


The Right Questions

When choosing a Long Term Disability Income Policy, you and your clients should consider the following...


  1. Elimination Period

  2. Monthly Benefit

  3. Benefit Period

  4. Partial Disability

  5. Own Occupation 


Make sure that your clients never have to say,

“What if…?” or, “If only…?

Offer them disability insurance!


Quick Video About about LTDI

So here are the basics... Long Term Disability is about protecting your INCOME from the risk of a sickness or Illness which would prevent you from working.

According to the US  Social Security Administration, 1in5 Americans will experience a disability which can last up to two and a half years or more.

Life Insurance takes care of your family in the event of your unlikely demise, what would they do if you were unable to work?



Long Term Disability Insurance Calculator

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