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Needs Analysis

Reviewing Your Client's Needs

While it is important to provide the prospective client with as much information as you can, it is also important to find out as much as possible about their needs. The best way to do this is by conducting a Client Needs Analysis... STOP! 

I prefer to combine an analysis, or better yet,  begin with a less formal approach, this may seem like a novel idea... but I like to have a conversation with the client.


This does many things: It puts the client off-guard and relaxes them. Now you are not throwing out a barrage of questions at them, you are simply having a conversation. Before you know it common interests will arise and a trust will begin to form.


The basis for conducting the client needs analysis is simply to identify the client’s financial objectives in monetary terms. It does not tell you how they feel! Once you have created this personal connection you can use the analysis document to professionally assess their challenges and goals.  


Having this conversation will also give you and the client the opportunity to brainstorm and create a plan or strategy that the client can clearly see will take care of their needs and objectives. This will be helpful in your next step of creating an effective and efficient proposal.


Now, for all you P&C Brokers out there. If you can connect with your client on a personal level as explained above, find out what their challenges are, we will do the rest of the Needs Analysis for you, and make you look great!  

Quick Video About Identifying Needs 

So your client asks "how much life insurance do I need?" Well, it's pretty easy to figure out, and probably less expensive than they thought! You can have a simple conversation to reach a round number. Their age and circumstance will define what kind of product they need, Term, Permanent, or maybe a combination of both. If you really want to wow them, use our Life Insurance Calculator and run them a detailed report! 


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