To Get the Right Answers 

You Need to Ask the Right Questions! 

Equitas has the resources and expertise to determine the best carrier and product for any given risk, and we pride ourselves on our ability to stay current with changes in the industry.
We have created strong, trusted working relationships with our carriers both in underwriting and sales. These relationships allow us to execute in situations where others are unable. 

Equitas also gives you access to In-House Underwriters throughout the process from the preliminary stages through the approval.

Give yourself a “Head Start” –

Use the “Basic Underwriting Questions” with each client these nine simple questions will give us a Birds-Eye View of their health condition. This simple document will help us quote most efficiently and increase the probability of closing. For clients with a specific medical history – See the questionnaires below.

A Few Words About Risk Class

This video is a great guide to how Risk Class is determined and will help you explain to your client how the process works. 

Underwriting decisions can sometimes be a sticky subject, best to know how to explain...


Specific Underwriting Questionnaires

Specific Product Guidelines

Carrier Underwriting Guides